1I've never used a sugar scrub before. What exactly am I missing?
It’s simple, really. The first thing you do when you open the jar is to give your scrub a good stir, because the oils come to the top. You want to make sure the scrub is mixed thoroughly before each use to make sure your last scrub from a jar is as awesome as the first. You can use the scrub in the shower or bath or even at the sink, just make sure to apply to wet skin. Just scoop out a little into your hand (you can use the handy portioning spoon we include with your purchase) and rub onto your wet skin. Sure you can use a washcloth or bath pouf,or anything you want really, to scrub with but we prefer our hands because, hey why not treat them at the same time, right? Scrub until you feel the sugar melt and then rinse off. Since our scrubs cleanse,exfoliate and moisturize in one easy step, you don’t need any additional moisturizers or lotions.
2How often should I use a scrub?
The short answer is every time you take a shower or bath! All of our scrubs are specially formulated to be safe for DAILY use on even the most sensitive skin. Our scrubs are different from other scrubs you may have tried. Most other scrubs are intended for use 2-3 times per week as a kind of treat to add to your skincare regimen. Our scrubs are intended for safe DAILY use on even the most sensitive skin and because they cleanse, gently exfoliate and thoroughly moisturize in one easy step, it’s really all you need. Your skin will be so soft and smooth you’ll see for yourself that you don’t need any additional moisturizer.
3What’s the shelf-life of my scrub?
Our scrubs have a shelf life of about 18 months as long as they are unopened. There is no need to refrigerate your scrub, unless you want a really refreshing shower!
4Are Simple Sugars scrubs safe for children?
Yes, our scrubs are formulated to be all-natural and safe for even the most sensitive skin and are safe for infants and children. For babies under a year old, we recommend using scrubs with Emu Oil because they are the most gentle and most emollient of the products. Children over 1 year of age can use any of the products safely. Also, there is nothing in any of our product that would be harmful to a child if it was swallowed. We do recommend that you keep all products out of the reach of little ones (if for no other reason, than to avoid a mess!) just to be on the safe side.